Well Water Testing

Well Water Testing in Central Florida

Mainline Pump Repair Can Test Your Water Quality

Having clean drinking water is one of the most important things for a person’s health. For those who use well water, you need to make sure that the water you're getting is free of harmful substances and that your system is working in an orderly fashion. Well water testing needs to be done on a regular basis in order to ensure you have a safe and reliable source of clean water. From there, you can install a water treatment system that best suits your needs and price levels.

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How Impure Water Can Be Dangerous

It’s not difficult for impure substances to get into your water. In fact, chemical contaminants can get into groundwater and cause long-term health problems that may not be noticeable right away. It’s important that a professional assesses these issues as soon as possible.

Well testing services offered by Mainline Pump Repair check for harmful substances and microorganisms so you don’t have to worry. Testing well water can also help identify the presence of surface contaminants, which can carry harmful minerals such as nitrates, which can impair the blood’s ability to use oxygen. Other things that can cause health problems are sulfates, which can cause digestive issues. These chemicals often seep into the groundwater when runoff occurs from fertilizer or pesticides.

How We Test Your Well Water

To test well water, professionals have to check your water for the total dissolved solids. This is the amount of particles that have collected in your system. Contaminated water usually contains high levels of sodium, chlorides, fluoride, manganese, iodine and rust. With a large amount of these substances, your water will start to taste different than it normally does. If the number of these substances is high enough, it might even cause serious health issues.

Some of the more dangerous compounds include uranium, selenium, and arsenic, which can be detected through proper testing. This can be done by testing the level of pH to determine your water's acidity.

For the best results, water testing should be done on a regular basis. Regular testing will create enough data to show changes that could occur as well as show any new growths of harmful substances. One of the most important things to do if your water becomes contaminated is to identify the source of where the contamination is coming from.

A Well Water Testing Company You Can Count On

Mainline Pump Repair has been serving Central Florida for nearly 30 years and offers a full range of services including well drilling, well pump repairs, water softener installation, and water treatment systems. Mainline Pump Repair is a company you can count on. Our team is experienced and we take pride in being one of the most affordable options in the Central Florida area. We know that clean water is vital, which is why we are ready to assist you and your loved ones 24 hours a day.