Well Pump Installations in Florida

Central Florida Well Pump Installation

Installing New Water Pumps

Mainline Pump Repair has been in business since 1991, and we offer superior Central Florida pump repairs, water well repairs, water testing, and water treatment services. If your water well pump system is broken or not functioning efficiently, contact us for an assessment and any needed service or repair.

Sometimes, simple repairs may not be enough to solve the problem, and in that case, we can install a new water pump for your residential or commercial property. We install and service several different types of water well pumps, including submersible, turbine, and jet style. We install only the best well pumps, so you can be certain your water will be back on as quickly as possible, and you won’t have to worry about pump failures.

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A Variety of Pump Types to Choose From

If you need to have your pump replaced, Mainline Pump Repair can install several different types of pumps. Depending on what kind of well you have and what your water needs are, you should select the pump that best suits your purposes.

Submersible well pumps are perfect for operating in deep underground wells. As the name suggests, these pumps will only work when totally submerged in water. These pumps deliver water to your home by pushing water up from the well, as opposed to sucking it out of the ground like an above-ground pump.  Submersible pumps can deliver a huge volume of water and produce high water pressure levels. These pumps offer few mechanical problems, can deliver water over great distances, and never need priming. 

If you have a shallow well, a jet pump might be the best option.  Jet pumps are installed above the well, and they draw water up from the well using suction. A one-line jet pump can pull water from a well that’s no more than 25 feet deep. One line jet pumps use atmospheric pressure to draw up water and can typically generate 50 psi depending on how much water is in the well. A two-line jet pump operates much the same, but have an additional line that returns water back to the well to generate more water force. Given this, two lines jet pumps can draw water from wells that are deeper than 25 feet.

Turbine Pumps are used for delivering water from deep wells. They have a motor that’s typically installed above ground and connected by a long, rotating shaft to impellers located in the body of the pump.  The pump works when water is drawn into the pump through the spinning impellers, which occurs once or in multiple stages, until it reaches the discharge head on the surface.

Trust Us to Install Your Well Pump

Whatever type of pump you need installed, Mainline Pump Repair has got your covered. Contact our team today to find out how we can provide for all of your Central Florida well pump repair, well water testing, and water treatment needs.