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Central Florida Well Water Chlorination

Solve Your Water Quality Issues with Chlorinators

While wells offer a simple and inexpensive source of fresh water, homeowners must treat their own water to remove any contaminants that may be present. Unlike homes connected to a public water supply, which delivers water that has already been filtered and treated, well water comes straight from the ground and can contain harmful bacteria, parasites, and microorganisms that need to be eliminated.

Fortunately, Mainline Pump Repair in Central Florida offers a number of different water treatment systems to solve all of your well water quality issues. Well water chlorinators are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to treat well water. These systems typically cost just a few hundred dollars and are simple to install. Chlorinators’ simple design also makes them a snap to operate and maintain over the long term.

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Chlorinating Your Well Water

Chlorinators are an excellent method for disinfecting well water and eliminating annoying odors, so that it’s safe for drinking, cooking, washing, and other household purposes. While there are a few different types of chlorinators, one of the most popular styles is an in-line chlorine pellet feeder, which uses solid tablets to purify the water.

These systems work by drawing well water from the feeder into a storage tank, where it comes in contact with the chlorine pellets. The pellets slowly dissolve into the water over to rid the water of bacteria and other contaminants before it’s delivered to your home. Because in-line pellet feeders require no electricity or motors to work, they are the cheapest and easiest type of chlorinators to operate and maintain. Once they’re installed, homeowners will simply have to add new pellets to the feeder every few months.

Our team of technicians can set up a chlorinator system if you just had new well drilled or install the chlorinator to your existing well. In addition to eliminating harmful bacteria, such as coliform and e. Coli, chlorinators can also help rid your water of minerals like iron and sulfur. Chlorinators are typically used in combination with filtration systems. Once the water is chlorinated, it’s run through the filter, which further purifies the water and removes the chlorine to provide the safest and best-tasting water.

The Best Water Treatment Systems

The professionals at Mainline Pump Repair are water treatment specialists, so you can trust we have the knowledge and expertise to install top-of-the-line chlorinator systems for your well. Outside of chlorinators, our company offers numerous other services, such as well pump repairs and installation, well drilling, well water testing, and preventative maintenance. Plus, we operate 24/7 365 days a year, so we’re even available for emergencies. Contact us now to learn more about how we can improve the quality of your well water.