Water Treatment Services in Florida

Water Treatment Services in Central Florida

Providing the cleanest and best-tasting water

It's easy to forget how important water is in our lives. Of course we need it to drink, but it's also a tool in our homes that serves a variety of purposes. Unlike most things, though, water doesn't come with an instruction manual. If it did, you'd know why the dishes you washed are still covered with spots and why the water in your shower leaves a film on everything. You'd know why your water tastes bad and has that rotten egg smell. These issues often derive from problems with your water quality.

Mainline Pump Repair, located in Central Florida, offers a wide array of well water testing and water treatment systems to solve all of your water quality issues. Since each well produces different types of water quality, there's no one-size-fits-all solution, but rest assured, we can resolve even the worst water quality issues out there. Our team of professionals also offer a variety of other well services, including pump repairs in Central Florida and well digging.

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Installing and Servicing Water Treatment Systems

Mainline Pump Repair takes great pride in delivering the highest quality water treatment services at the most competitive prices. Let us install a new, custom-designed water treatment system, or we can adjust your existing water treatment system to provide for the highest level of water quality. Our water treatment services are tailored specifically for the type of water in your home and on your property.

Our team of water treatment specialists will offer well water testing, provide service recommendations, and implement solutions for your existing well system. We can solve all of your water quality problems, including annoying odors, iron staining, hard water, calcium build-up, hard water stains, bacteria problems, and much more. In addition to drinking safety issues, eliminating problems with your water quality will save you money by preventing damage to your clothes and household appliances.

We provide a wide range of well water treatment systems and solutions to choose from, including:

  • Water softeners
  • Water filters and purifiers
  • Water chlorinators
  • Reverse Osmosis systems

Try Our Custom Designed Systems

Treat your water issues where they start: in your well. Ask us how we can optimize your water treatment system for fresher, cleaner water, with less maintenance. Our water filtration systems will not only improve the quality of your water, but also lessen your electric bills and prolong your water system's life expectancy.

Well Water Treatment You Can Count On

Mainline Pump Repair delivers the most accurate, professional, and practical water treatment for your residential or commercial property. You can trust our more than 26 years of experience with Central Florida well pump repairs, water softener installation, well repairs, water well drilling and preventative maintenance. Call us today to evaluate your water treatment system.


Well Water Testing For Central Florida Homes

Having clean drinking water is one of the most important things for a person’s health. For those who use well water, you need to make sure that the water you're getting is free of harmful substances and that your system is working in an orderly fashion. Well water testing needs to be done on a regular basis in order to ensure you have a safe and reliable source of clean water. From there, you can install a water treatment system that best suits your needs and price levels.


Water Softener Installation & Service in Central Florida

If you’re using a well as your water source, and your dishwasher fails to thoroughly clean your dishes, you develop a weird rash, or your water heater leaks, these issues may be caused by “hard” water. Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can be problematic  for your water systems, appliances, and personal water use. Homeowners living in Central Florida, which has a fairly shallow water table, are particularly susceptible to hard water in their wells. 


Water Purification & Filters For Central Florida Wells

Pure and clean drinking water is essential to healthy living. Depending on where you live and what your home is able to support, you may have your drinking water provided by an underground well. In this case, well water testing is necessary to ensure pH levels are appropriate and that there are no harmful chemicals or other contaminants in your drinking water. From there, you can select from the best filtration and purification systems to improve your water's quality.


Well Water Chlorinators in Central Florida

While wells offer a simple and inexpensive source of fresh water, homeowners must treat their own water to remove any contaminants that may be present. Unlike homes connected to a public water supply, which delivers water that has already been filtered and treated, well water comes straight from the ground and can contain harmful bacteria, parasites, and microorganisms that need to be eliminated.


Reverse Osmosis Systems In Central Florida

If you're looking to get safer water, a reverse osmosis filtration system might be right for you. Mainline Pump Repair can help you install, service, and maintain reverse osmosis systems throughout the Central Florida area.