Water Purification Systems

Water Filters & Purification in Central Florida

Purify Your Central Florida Well Water

Pure and clean drinking water is essential to healthy living. Depending on where you live and what your home is able to support, you may have your drinking water provided by an underground well. In this case, well water testing is necessary to ensure pH levels are appropriate and that there are no harmful chemicals or other contaminants in your drinking water. From there, you can select from the best filtration and purification systems to improve your water's quality.

At Mainline Pump Repair, we can provide water well repair services as well as several water treatment systems to choose from. Our goal is to work closely with you to make sure your home’s drinking water is easily accessible and healthy for you and your family.

If you have a well that needs a pump, we also provide well pump installation and pump repair in Central Florida. Water filters and water purification systems can provide you with the best quality water from your well.

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Types of Water Filters

Water filters generally fall into several categories:

  • Countertop water filters: are hooked up directly to your sink using a few hoses, a diverter valve, and a small unit that sits directly on your countertop. It attaches directly to your faucet and lets you use unfiltered water for washing dishes, etc., but when the diverter valve is flipped, it produces filtered water from a separate, smaller output tap behind your normal faucet, allowing you to fill a container or glass with purified water.
  • Under-sink filters: usually require a separate spout at the sink level and the filters are typically housed under the sink for a cleaner appearance in your kitchen. Sometimes they may use reverse-osmosis methods for filtering water or may have the same carbon-activated charcoal as other countertop and disposable filters. 
  • Whole house water filtration systems: require homeowners or business owners to have a tank where the main water line enters the structure, and it filters it through reverse osmosis, typically. This way any water that comes directly out of any faucet is automatically filtered. While they tend to cost more than point-of-use systems, they provide a great alternative to those who really need a whole house system.


Water Purification Methods

Activated Carbon

As mentioned above, many water filtration systems use activated carbon filters to remove larger sediment, chemicals and unpleasant odors from your drinking water. This results in a much more pleasant taste as well.

Reverse Osmosis

This is a complicated process, but essentially the water that comes into your house passes through a semipermeable membrane that ultimately results in purified water. This type of system produces water that’s clean, odor free and tastes good. These water treatment systems are able to filter impurities as small as .001 microns.

Central Florida Water Filtration and Purification

If you need to install or service your well's filtration and purification systems, you can call on the experts at Maritime Pump Repair to handle the job. What's more, we also offer water well repair, water softener installation, and preventative manintenance. Give us a call today to find out how we can provide you with excellent customer service and handle all your water purification and filtration needs.